Today the four of us woke up early to clean our cabin, eat breakfast, and check out. (The sun was out!!) Once we had done these things we headed to the city center to catch a bus to the town of Molde which is given the nickname the city of  roses. Lucky for us the roses do not bloom until July haha.

bus ride to Molde

The bus that we took went through mountains and along the fjord and then drove onto a ferry where you could get off the bus and hang out on the boat.

We only had about three hours in Molde so as soon as we arrived we headed straight for the mountains. The hiking path was right through neighborhoods and houses. The views were amazing and I sat on a bench looking at it for over an hour. While sitting on my bench I got to meet so many people that were also hiking. I talked with people from all over the world and petted all of the Norwegians dogs. Everyone is so nice and excited to have conversations with us as long as we start them. That is an interesting thing about Norwegians, they all speak amazing english, and they like to practice it. However they are very insecure about it and do not want to say things poorly. Once you can get them talking you have a friend.

view from my bench

After the hike we grabbed some food and jumped back on the bus to go to Andalsnes to catch a train back to Oslo.

Lunch for the day: sausage wrapped in bacon

It is weird to think that we have class tomorrow.


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