Vikings, Migrants, and Culture Oh My

This week has been full of classes and museum tours.

On Monday we had an hour and a half of class and then we left for the viking ship museum. There were a total of three ships on exhibit that were extremely old and very carefully preserved. The most ornate of the ships is pictured below with my classmates sporting our Tennessee gear standing in front of it.DCIHUE2XcAAqk2i.jpg-large

After this museum we walked through the city because the weather was nice. While on IMG_0704our walk we went to the Opera House which is very beautiful and a very famous architectural masterpiece.



We also went looking for places to swim and went to a place called Huk that was a park that also had a small beach where one could enter into the sea. I met a really nice family here that had a lovely dog that posed for me.


On Tuesday we went to class in the morning and then traveled to The University of Oslo  where I conducted one of my interviews for my research project. Later we went to the Norwegian Folk Museum which is an outdoor museum that shows the different buildings of time periods and then within the buildings there are history exhibits.

Today we had class and then conducted observations in a neighborhood of Oslo that is known for being an area that migrants settle in. After this we went to an intercultural museum. Darcy was observing the neighborhood through taste and found a really neat restaurant for us to eat at. For desert we got a Nutella pizza that was amazing.IMG_0729



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