Sunny and 75

This weekend, we decided to stay around Oslo to make sure we were able to really get to know the city that we will have lived in for two and a half weeks.

Friday night we went to a concert that we had been invited to by some people that we met. It was really fun and reminded me of home. There were two folk bands and people moved the tables and chairs aside to make a dance floor. Only a few people knew how to dance, but everyone joined in and tried and made it that much more fun.  On Saturday we went to another show that was outside in the great weather that we have had this weekend!

Sunday has been the most eventful by far. We started the day early and biked around. We went to The Royal Palace first and then to Vigeland park and then biked to Aker Brygge to catch a ferry that would take us to Hovedoya.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Hovedoya is an island in the Oslo fjord. We took our lunch and some towels so that we could have a picnic. Possibly swim?

After our beach day was so successful we had the only thing left to do was have ice cream for dinner. I took my ice cream on the bus that goes to our hotel and Darcy realized that I was standing right underneath a no ice cream sign. oops, sorry.IMG_0844


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